Create a video with beats in 10 seconds

GrooveVideo, Video Editor with Music Beats

Cut and Edit Frames of your video

All you got to do is selecting photos and videos out of your iPhone. GrooveVideo will analyze your video and cut video hightlights for you. Music beats are calcuated based on its BPM and tempo.

Place video clips onto just right beats of music automatically.

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How to use video

Create a video in 10 seconds

Just select videos and photos from your device. GrooveVideo analyzes and gathers highlights of video.

In no time, GrooveVideo will create a video for you.

Auto Music Sync

Properly selected and arranged background music totally changes ambience of video.

GrooveVideo analyzes beats, tempo, and BPM of music. GrooveVideo will select a proper music and calculate number of beats and length of its beat to match your video.

Editing options

Groove video supports different video aspect ratio modes, landscape / square /portrait.

If you want to have a longer or shorter video, simply you can select a video with different length.

Share Your Video

Share a video with your friends and family members through Instagram, facebook, and facebook messenger.

Try to leave a hash tag #groovevideo. You would be able to search more videos created by GrooveVideo app later.

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